Paramedic Program a Lifesaver for Students

Sampson Community College has a long history of sending out quality candidates to serve as first responders in their communities, Basic Law Enforcement Training being one of the most popular.

Now, SCC is planning to send paramedics to the rescue with its Paramedic Curriculum Program.

The course introduces the fundamental principles of pharmacology and medication administration and is required for paramedic certification.

Angela Magill, she herself a paramedic and the Department Chair for EMS programs, says there’s a big difference between reading a book about what to do and actually doing it. “Smaller classes make hands-on learning have a bigger impact on the student,” she says.


PHOTO: Kimberly Owens (L) administers intravenous therapy (IV) under the supervision of Magill.

Topics include medical terminology, pharmacological concepts, weights, measures, drug calculations, vascular access for fluids and medication administration and legislation.

Kimberly Owens is in her first semester of the program and agrees that interactive training makes learning fun. This week, Owens is studying the pharmacology portion of the course.

When she finishes, she will be able to accurately calculate drug dosages, properly administer medications, and possess a general knowledge of pharmacology.

For more information about this program, contact Magill at 910-900-4009 or