Cross That Off The List

From building actual houses to producing top cops in the region, Sampson Community College seemingly does it all—and helping a church in need is no exception.

The Journey of Dunn church contacted SCC welding instructor, Dale Godbold and needed some help.

“We looked everywhere and we could not find a place that would or could create an aluminum cross for our church,” Candace Coleman of Journey said. “We had no idea even how much it would cost or where to turn to get it done.” That’s when she and her husband, Ben Coleman, reached out to Godbold through a student that the Colemans knew at SCC.

Welding perfect 90-degree angles using lightweight aluminum to perfection might seem to be an easy task for someone who has never done it but for the fact that Coleman couldn’t find anyone to hire to do it demonstrates otherwise.


PHOTO: The Colemans (L) were thankful they found Godbold (R) and Garcia.

Godbold, a welder for more than four decades, enlisted the assistance of his student, David Garcia and created the cross which will be displayed on a wall at The Journey of Dunn.

“This thing reflects light very well,” said Godbold. “It’s easy to hang and very lightweight. After some minor cleaning, it will be awesome to look at.” Godbold says he welcomes projects like this for the community because of the experience and training students are able to gain as a result.

After purchasing the materials to supply the project, The Journey of Dunn will finally be able to cross this project off their list.

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