The Bottom Line: Doing Business Requires Accounting

Ever wonder how businesses get it all done when it comes to payroll, accounts receivable or inventory? Virtually every business or company has a payroll and accounts receivable to manage; and when it comes to a company’s bottom line, accurately and efficiently tracking this information is critical. Thus, the ability to use software applications pertaining to business and accounting is an invaluable skill in today’s workforce.


The ACC 150 (Accounting Software Applications) course, part of both Business Administration and Accounting degree programs at Sampson Community College, introduces students to software applications related to accounting systems,  general ledgers, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and payroll in addition to correcting, adjusting, and closing entries. By the time students complete this class, they should be able to use a computer accounting package like Quickbooks to manage payroll, inventory, and accounting for a business. Other important skills discussed in this course include working under pressure, attention to detail, leadership, team work, reliability, and honesty.

SCC accounting graduates are well prepared for work upon completion of the degree program as this course helps prepare them to receive vendor invoices and reconcile checks and ultimately track the cost of doing business for a company.


For more information on Business Administration or Accounting courses at Sampson Community College, please contact Lauren Huskey, Department Chair at 910.900.4066 or