SCC Unveils 50th Collaborative Artwork

To celebrate Sampson Community College’s 50th anniversary, the SCC Foundation brought together local artists from right here in Sampson County to create a one-of-kind art piece that truly embodies the word “community”. The idea was the brainchild of SCC Foundation Executive Director, Lisa Turlington, who was inspired by a previous art project that currently hangs at the college: a one-of-kind quilt in the shape of Sampson County with bits and pieces from all kinds of individuals to form a literal fabric of the community. With the quilt as her inspiration, the idea of a 50th anniversary art piece with 50 individually painted pieces that would come back together to form an entire picture was born.

The project started with a drone picture from above that was captured during a beautiful day during the summer of 2017 and was then gridded into fifty equal sections. Those sections were then claimed by local artists who were then given a 5×7 of their particular section and a blank 5×7 art board to paint on.

The SCC Foundation is really excited about our part in the ongoing celebration of the College’s 50th anniversary.  The art project is a perfect way to express the breadth and the longevity of Sampson Community College.  A centerpiece of life in our county, the College has served people on all levels:  traditional students enrolling shortly after high school, older adults seeking a second career, business employees getting specialized training, and ambitious high school students looking for advanced college preparation.  Over these five decades, the role of SCC has evolved into a multifaceted engine for education in our region.  This art project — comprised of many individual paintings arranged to show a single image of the campus’ center — is a great illustration of what SCC has become in 2017.

-Dr. Paul Viser, SCC Foundation President

This is the result of over 40 different artists working independently:

We would like to offer a special thank you to Amelia Surratt who provided paint and a little training to a few of the amateur artists that contributed to the project. We’d also like to thank Peter Butler for framing the piece. Finally, we definitely want to thank all the artists again for helping create this amazing work.

Nita Aiken
Diane Barwick
Leslie Bautista
Bonnie Blackmon
Peter Butler
Joan Carr
Starr Daughtry
Kara Donatelli
Mary Lou Faircloth
Paula Fitzpatrick
Pat Green
Blair Hairr
Laurie Hamilton
Til Herring
Lee Beeby Howard
Carolyn Jackson
Erica Jackson
Becky Jackson
Margaret Malpass
Mary Malpass
Lila Maxwell
Scronce Megan
Jodie Nelson
Donna Owens
Michael Ray
Martha Smith
Jane Smith
Bill Starling
Julie Stefanovich
Amelia Surratt
Lisa Turlington
Aaron Viser
Brandon Wiggins
Linda Williams
Linda Williamson