SCC Awarded $1.74 Million Grant

We’re excited to share a big win for the college! The US Department of Commerce has awarded Sampson Community College $1.74 million for our new Welding and Metal Fabrication Building!! Thank you to all who offered letters of support, beneficiary documents with numbers, or kinds words of encouragement. We would especially like to acknowledge Lisa Turlington, SCC Foundation Executive Director, and Dr. Bill Starling, VP of Academic Affairs & Administration, for all their hard work and relentless dedication in putting together a successful grant application. Great job team! 

Please join us in thanking the many partners on this application. The beneficiaries who committed to creating 50 jobs, saving 24 jobs and leveraging $8.8 million in private investment are: Hog Slat, Prestage Farms, Dubose National Energy, Smithfield Hog Production, Enviva, Schindler, and Robinson and Son. Our application was bolstered by many other business leaders offering supporting letters: Anne Faircloth at Lafayette Farms, Nash Johnson at Decca J. Farms, Doug Wilson at DL&B Enterprises, Grover Ezzell at Ezzell Trucking, Bill at Turlington Lumber, and Kenny Cabral at Smithfield Foods. Additionally, Dr. Blount, Dr. Bracey, Dr. Hutchins wrote a letter on behalf of education. Clark Wooten wrote on behalf of Sampson County, and John Swope offered support regarding economic development. What great partners!