Military Vet Trains SCC Students

#SampsonCC‘s Criminal Justice Technology program offers Crisis Intervention as part of the criminal justice degree. This semester, Officer Stephen Gardner, is teaching both Crisis Intervention (CJC 225) and Ethics (CJC 212). Officer Gardner served in the United States military as an MP (military police officer), in Iraq and also along side of the Danish Army in special operations. Upon his return from deployment, he joined the Lillington Police Department where he continues to serve as an officer. He brings a wealth of experience with him to the classroom and integrates his experiences into the material as a bridge from the book to the field for our students. Officer Gardner also teaches in the Basic Law Enforcement Academy. His training specialty and greatest law enforcement interests are arson investigations and ethics in policing. We are glad to have him as part of the criminal justice and #BLET programs here at Sampson Community College! #BeAViking #BeginHereGoAnywhere


PHOTO: Officer Gardner with Crises Intervention students.