From the Classroom to the World of Work

This year, Nathan McKee joined Sampson Community College and is wasting no time trying to get students from the classroom to the world of work. McKee, the Department Chair for Computer Information Technology and Security at SCC, hosted the Networking Academy Talent Bridge Virtual Job Connection event at the college this week.

The event was sponsored by Cisco, the largest networking company in the world and is typically designed for Cisco Networking Academy students interested in finding a job with the company. Cisco, based in San Jose, California, was named the most valuable company in the world in 2000 and remains top fifteen on that list even today.

“The event is all about how to tailor your resume, interview, and land a job with Cisco,” said McKee. “Also, a great resource for how to build the skills needed for success in the IT field. “ Cisco even has an entire section of its website devoted to the topic of “Advance Your Tech Career”, located at

This event is tailored for those who are ready to apply and start working in the near future and is designed for college/university level students. Open positions featured are an ideal fit for NetAcad college or university-level students and alumni who have at minimum taken the CCNA2 course. But would be even better suited for those who have their CCNA certification. Participants got an inside perspective on what hiring managers are looking for in candidates to join their team.

To learn more about Computer Information Technology and Security at Sampson Community College, call 910-592-8081 extension 7011 or visit the website at

PHOTO: Nathan McKee discusses topics covered during Cisco’s Networking Academy Talent Bridge this week.