Statement on Solar Eclipse

On the afternoon of Monday, August 21st, the Sampson Community College community will have the opportunity to experience a near total solar eclipse.  While there is considerable media attention and excitement associated with this rare event, the safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff remain the highest importance to the College.  Please take precautions to ensure your safety.  Do not attempt to view the sun at any time directly without the use of solar-eclipse glasses identified as ISO 12312-2 rated glasses.  Sunglasses are not safe for observing an eclipse.  Please be aware that both vehicle and pedestrian traffic may increase during this period. A number of local secondary schools have elected to close Monday afternoon.  The College, however, will continue normal operations.  The SGA will be holding an event in the Warren Student Center in celebration of the eclipse and will provide remote viewing of the eclipse for interested students, faculty, and staff. The eclipse will begin at 1:18 pm and peak at 2:46 pm when 94.8% of the sun will be eclipsed locally. Happy Eclipsing!!

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