CCP Spotlight: Samantha Monroe

“Observe, assess the problem, develop a solution, and then get an action plan.” One of the back lights on the big rig was not working properly even though it was switched on, so a TranSource employee proceeded to diagnose the problem, a wiring issue, and then fix it. Samantha Monroe only recently joined TranSource Truck & Trailer Center in Clinton, NC this spring as an employee, but has found that her education at Sampson Community College (SCC) is already coming in handy in real and practical ways.

Samantha just graduated from Clinton High School recently, but the real story is how she took full advantage of SCC’s Career & College Promise (CCP) dual-enrollment program while still attending high school to receive not one, but two certificates in both Industrial Maintenance and Welding, all before she even finished her high school diploma.

Samantha’s certificate training at SCC prepared her with hands-on experience and lessons in hydraulics, wiring, safety, and basic welding techniques she readily admits without which she probably would not have gotten her current job because that experience and training ultimately helped her “get her foot in the door.” Not only did she get that first opportunity, but her SCC training allowed her the opportunity to start working at a company in an industry she ultimately wants to continue working in after completing her post-high school education in diesel mechanics. “SCC helped prepare me more for the real world than high school did”, Samantha said and added that, “I feel more prepared now than I was in the beginning.”

Initially, Samantha had only intended to take Industrial Maintenance classes at SCC, but after a suggestion from a friend and discussions with Perry Gillespie, SCC’s Career Specialist, decided she would also give welding a shot. “I fell in love with welding,” she said with a smile as she relayed how welding is the perfect marriage of logical problem solving with creative solutions; an example of which is now on full display on SCC’s campus in the form of the newly unveiled Sampson the Viking metal sculpture which she and fellow welding students recently completed.

Not only did students have to come up with the idea using their creativity, but they had to engineer real world solutions to meet the challenges of bringing a seven-foot tall, six hundred plus pound concept to life; a dynamic Samantha thoroughly enjoys and, more importantly, has realized translates to many areas in her life. “The details matter” according to Samantha, also a volunteer fire fighter in Salemburg, who continued, “every fire is different, every truck is different, every wire is different” and thus every problem may require a novel and creative solution.

SCC’s Career & College Promise program offers current high school students the opportunity to take classes for college credit while still in high school. Once approved for admission to the program, students have the option to pursue a College Transfer Pathway which focuses on transferring to a four-year university or a Career Technical Pathway which focuses on attaining specific technical skills (and accompanying certifications) that can be used to get employed.

Thank you Samantha for letting us tell your story! For more information on the Career & College Promise program at Sampson Community College, please contact Perry Gillespie at 592.8081 ext. 2018 or If you would like to share your success story to inspire others, please contact