50th Spotlight: Eddie Hines

Eddie Hines made a huge impression on his SCC family during his years at Sampson Community College as both a developmental instructor and former chair of General Education (now College Transfer). Though Eddie passed last summer, memories of Eddie on campus remain.

Carole Phipps, SCC’s Division Chair Arts and Sciences recalled, “Eddie was probably one of the most interesting people I’ve ever known. He was extremely witty and always made me smile, or maybe I should say laugh. Some of my most enjoyable moments at work included Eddie. He would make me laugh and then I’d feel very accomplished when I could make him laugh. He would help me with my writing and encourage me when I felt uncomfortable with it. He was very concerned about the success of his students. Many times he would have a student in his office working with them on their writing. He would even help his former students after they had moved on to curriculum English courses. His students loved him.”

Even in the photo accompanied with this article, Eddie was captured in one of the many moments he breathed life into anything he was attached to.

Susan Jernigan, former coworker and fellow instructor at the college, said Sampson Community College didn’t just impact Eddie’s life, but that it was his life! “He loved his students and he loved his work family!” said Jernigan. “Eddie came to work to be around his ‘family’ and students even when he should have been at home in bed resting. Eddie struggled with COPD and in his last few years at SCC, he really struggled to even walk around from place to place around campus. BUT, Eddie came anyway, because he loved SCC, his students, and his work family that much! Eddie wanted to be around his students and friends just as much as he possibly could.”

By all accounts, Eddie was very involved in his work to the point where he treated students and faculty and staff like family. He wrote this poem, just weeks before he passed, to celebrate spring break in 2016;

“Happy day to wives so dear,/
Who keep me going without fear!/
Spring holiday at last is here,/
Time to party far and near!/
Get your happy face in gear!/
Give yourself a well earned cheer!/
Enjoy spring scenes that appear/
As winter slips into the rear!/
Remember me with smile, not tear!/
Let’s get together more this year!”

Eddie, an important piece of the SCC’s 50 years, is fondly remembered and will truly be missed by all those who had the opportunity to work and associate with him.