50th Spotlight: Paul Wolf

“Dear Student,” reflects Paul Wolf, a College Transfer Faculty Member and this week’s Sampson Community College 50th Anniversary spotlight, “even though knowledge and technology are likely to continue to increase astronomically during SCC’s second fifty years, some timeless truths will remain the same because human nature is a constant.”

With over thirty-six and a half years of continuous service, including summer school, Paul reflects when he first stepped onto the campus of Sampson Community College, which at the time was Sampson Technical Institute. “I recall my interview with Zach Hadley, Instructional Dean at that time” states Wolf. “While it was going smoothly on both ends, it ‘sealed the deal’ when Zach answered my question about if male instructors were required to dress in a coat and tie with the following response: “As long as you are clean and your clothes are clean, you will be just fine.” That was music to my ears, me being a person more comfortable in semi-casual dress” chuckles Wolf.

“Sampson Community College has allowed me to fulfill my dream of a psychology career that I had since the seventh grade at Albemarle Jr. High School” reflects Wolf. “I have had the distinct honor and privilege of instructing all three of my children as well as working alongside my now retired wife, Teresa S. Wolf (Psychology / Education Instructor). In addition, I have developed many friendships, both professional and community based, and mentoring opportunities, which I will always cherish.”

“Paul Wolf’s class was my second shot at a post-secondary education” adds Carole Phipps, former student and also Division Chair of Arts and Sciences at Sampson Community College. “I had always wanted to be a high school teacher so taking his adolescent psychology course seemed to be a good place to start. Paul was, and still is, a challenging instructor dedicated to ensuring that his students master the material with the ability to apply it to real-life situations.

“It has been many years since that class, but I now have the pleasure of working alongside him in the Arts and Sciences division.”

“Sampson Community College has changed dramatically over the first fifty years and I had the opportunity to witness much of it” continues Wolf. “I predict that the next fifty years will bring changes that we cannot presently even imagine: technological, ideological, and physical. One prediction is that the campus will likely expand more digitally than in terms of brick and mortar”.

Congratulations Paul on being this week’s 50th Anniversary highlight and thank you for sharing your story. For more information about Sampson Community College, visit http://www.sampsoncc.edu or call 910-592-8081, Sampson Community College, “Begin Here, Go Anywhere”.