SCC Receives South River EMC Grant

Thank you South River EMC for supporting the needs of your service community and Sampson Community College as SCC’s Academic Success Center received $5,000 through South River EMC’s Operation Roundup Grant.

Located on the SCC campus, the Academic Success Center (ASC) plays a vital role in achieving the College’s mission by providing students with opportunities to enhance learning and improve overall student success. The ASC is the hub for student assistance with peer and professional tutoring, private study rooms and proctoring services as it provides multiple opportunities to assist students in achieving academic success and accomplishing their goals.  The use of the ASC has grown tremendously over the last year, accentuating the increased importance to maintain uninterrupted hours for continuous services. In Fall 2016, the ASC served 525 students, compared to 462 students during Spring 2016, showing a 13.6% increase in one semester alone.  In addition, 157 received peer and professional tutoring services during Fall 2016 compared to 126 during Spring 2016, a 24.6% increase.

In order to meet the needs to facilitate the ongoing, expanding services of proctoring, tutoring and small group instruction in the ASC, laptops will be purchased with the Operation Roundup funds. The laptops will be placed in the Writing Lab, a small room in the ASC, to increase the availability of private, uninterrupted small group instruction and tutoring while providing proctoring services.
Thank you South River EMC for your support and commitment to increasing the opportunities for the citizens of our community.

PHOTO: Dr. Paul Hutchins, SCC President, and Donna Odum, Director of Library Services (which includes Academic Success Center) at SCC.