50th Spotlight: Payton O’Quinn

As the first Career and College Promise (CCP) student graduating with both an Associate of Arts degree and an Associate of Science degree this May, Sampson Community College is honored to highlight Payton O’Quinn as this week’s 50th Anniversary Spotlight. “As a homeschool student, SCC provided me with classroom experience through the CCP opportunity. Additionally, although I’m still in high school, I have been able to earn college credits that will transfer to a four-year university” states Payton.

The summer of 2015, just before Payton’s high school junior year, Payton recalls stepping on campus for the first time as Mrs. Blair Hairr walked him through the admissions process and helped him enroll in classes through the Career and College Promise program. Now serving as the Dean of Student Services, Payton appreciates her continued support and encouragement during his time at SCC.

“As a homeschool student,” adds Payton, “I believe SCC will continue to grow and engage more students in the coming years. As more young people become aware of the Career and College Promise program, I believe enrollment will climb. SCC provides the unique opportunity of allowing students to gain college experience and credit in a familiar environment. It also makes financial sense.”

“Dear Student, do not be afraid to ask for help. The teachers at SCC are very supportive and willing to work with you. Take the time to challenge yourself and, most importantly, stay focused.”

Congratulations Payton on being this week’s 50th Anniversary highlight and thank you for sharing your story. For more information about Sampson Community College, visit www.sampsoncc.edu or call 910-592-8081, Sampson Community College, “Begin Here, Go Anywhere”.