50th Spotlight: Nashea Williams

As a 2014 graduate of Sampson Early College High School, Nashea Williams shares the impact Sampson Community College and the Early College has had on her life. “Through this partnership, I was able to not only have a head start at receiving a higher education but I also developed a desire to continue my education. The classes, faculty and staff prepared me for my current success as a student at North Carolina State University” reflects Williams, this week’s SCC 50th Anniversary spotlight.

Growing up in Clinton, Nashea was accepted into the Sampson Early College High School program in 2009 and first stepped on campus when she attended the summer institute program. “Each student was divided into groups based upon their career aspirations and matched with a SCC faculty member. Being able to meet a college professor was an intimidating thought for a 14-year-old, but the faculty eased my fears with their eagerness to learn about my personal interests and how they could best guide me towards my future.”

After graduating SECHS, Nashea transferred to North Carolina State University and will graduate this May, 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Plant and Soil Science with a concentration in Crop Production. Nashea plans to continue her educational journey as she attends graduate school and pursues a career in Plant Breeding.

“Dear Student,” smiles Williams, “never lose sight of why you are seeking a higher education. Within that purpose is where you will find the strength to keep going when the journey seems too tough.”

Congratulations Nashea on being this week’s 50th Anniversary highlight and thank you for sharing your story. For more information about Sampson Community College, visit http://www.sampsoncc.edu or call 910-592-8081, Sampson Community College, “Begin Here, Go Anywhere”.