50th Spotlight: Sabrina Pope

“Dear Student,” smiles Sampson Community College graduate and current nursing instructor Sabrina Pope, “reflect upon the words of Nelson Mandela throughout your journey: education is a powerful weapon that you use to change the world. Additionally, resolve to make a lasting, positive impact wherever you go.”

As Sampson Community College celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2017, 50 individuals’ stories will be featured throughout the year; sharing their story of how SCC has positively impacted their life throughout their educational journey. Sabrina Pope is our first 50th Anniversary highlight as she began her journey at SCC as a student, graduated from the nursing program and now a SCC nursing instructor.

“Sampson Community College has impacted my life in so many ways” smiles Pope, “from helping me to believe in myself to assisting me in reaching the goals I set for my life and career. A journey that began as a student, to a Licensed Practical Nurse and now to a Master prepared nurse, fulfilling my dream job at Sampson Community College.”

“My first memory of Sampson Community College dates to January, 2003, when I applied to the nursing program” reflects Pope. “Upon receiving my acceptance letter to the LPN program in July, I became full of joy in knowing that I would be closer to reaching my dream of being a nurse. From there, my journey began.” Pope continues, “throughout my journey as a student, the connection with the faculty, especially the nursing faculty was great. I received the nurturing support and encouragement that I needed to obtain my professional and personal goals. Now I am back here at SCC living my dream as I’m returning to nursing students what was given to me, a life changing education.”

“In the next 50 years, I envision SCC not only providing new opportunities for students and expanding program selection but I also envision SCC continuing to enhance the lives of students as they obtain their college education.”

Again, congratulations Sabrina on being the first 50th Anniversary highlight and thank you for sharing your story. For more information about Sampson Community College, visit http://www.sampsoncc.edu or call 910-592-8081, Sampson Community College, “Begin Here, Go Anywhere”.